Friday, September 12, 2008

Talent: In Search of a Midnight Kiss

There is a new movie which has drawn favorable comparison to Woody Allen films: In Search of a Midnight Kiss. Indie upstart Alex Holdridge is at the helm as writer/director. Walter Addiego draws light comparisons to Allen here. Patrick Peters says it recalls Manhattan here.

"A Woody Allen film" has become something of a genre label. Years back it was pasted, however fairly, on the forehead of Whit Stillman. This, of course, is a short-sighted way to describe film; Woody Allen imitates as much as he is imitated. Because of this, GSF will occasionally look at this strain of movies by highlighting films and filmmakers who have influenced or have been influenced by Allen. Look for the tag Talent Imitates, Genius Steals. If you see a post entitled "Talent:..." it will discuss those who have appropriated Allen; If you see a post entitled "Genius:..." it will discuss those whom Allen appropriates. We acknowledge upfront that this is inexact science that will focus on apparent similarities, whether or not those connections are actually there is at your discretion.

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