Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Location: Paris, 2009

It's being reported that Woody Allen will shoot his next film in Paris, hopefully next summer. One press release reports the story this way:
I have always wanted to shoot a film in Paris. I have a scenario for Paris all written. I was going to shoot it a few years ago but when we came here and I started to put the film together, suddenly it became such an expensive film that I could not do it," he said.

Allen's last batch of films, including "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and London-based drama "Match Point", were filmed in Europe.

He said financial problems should not derail the Paris project completely but added that he is prepared to film the comedy during the summer of 2011 in the event of more delays.
This leaves us with a few questions.

  1. If not this summer then 2011. Does Allen have a commitment for 2010 of which we do not know? Strange that he would clear that with us first. Super sleuths, unite.

  2. The writing on this project is finished, so we're assuming it is a rehash of the previously aborted Michelle Williams project. You can read about that in Eric Lax's Conversations or the comments to this post.

  3. This appears to be the first film of three being bankrolled by MediaPro.

  4. Woody Allen is touring with his band, but he's had a lot of time between the filming of Whatever Works and now to write. This is especially true if the Paris Project is an already-written screenplay. He's sneaky productive, so maybe he's done something we can enjoy later.

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filmbuff101 said...

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