Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Evan Rachel Wood Talks Whatever Works

Evan Rachel Wood, interviewd by Moviehole:

Question: How did Woody get along with Larry David?

Wood: They got along great. I loved watching them talk to each other, because they are similar, but they are very different. And I think that's why Woody cast him, because - if you read the script, the character seems like it is Woody Allen. You don't see how anybody else could play it. I think he really brought something different, so that it's not just the Woody Allen character.

Question: How did you enjoy working with Larry?

Wood: I loved Larry. Larry's great. And we kind of looked out for each other, because he had never done a film, or had to memorize lines. And I'd never done comedy. So, you know. We kept each other's spirits up in that way.

Question: Would you do another comedy, after doing this?

Wood: Absolutely, yeah. I love comedy. And it was such a great change of scenery for me to go on set and see Larry David, and Michael McKean and Ed Begley Junior. people I grew up watching, but have never seen behind the scenes. So, it was so cool. [LAUGHTER] I was so excited.

Question: What kind of a girl do you play in that?

Wood: She's a very sweet, Southern belle and so naïve that she comes across dumb, because she just wants to see the good in everything. She just loves everything. So she shacks up with Larry David, who's the complete opposite. He's like, an Ebenezer Scrooge kind of character. Just, "Bah humbug" to everything. So, it's just opposites attracting.

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I came here through Christopher Banks blog. Nice blog you have. I am a big fan of Allen myself and your blog seems like a perfect place for fans like me. I write about him and his films ocassionally..hopefully I will write a detailed post on him soon.