Thursday, November 13, 2008

Woody Appreciates

Many are aware of Woody Allen's love of Bechet and Bergman, but sometimes he voices appreciation for others and not a single solitary soul notices. We wanted to call your attention to a few documentaries you may have missed that fall into the category of "under the radar." Each of the following features some commentary from Allen.

Brother Theodore, a documentary about comedian Theodore Gottleib.

Sid Caesar: Inside the Writer's Room looks back on the man and his variety program.

The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell features some reflection from Allen on comedy's first family.

Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures is a recent look at the famous director.

Sidney Bechet: Treat it Gentle is an homage to the jazz great.

The Outsider is a film in tribute of director James Toback.

Most recently is Glass: A Portraint of Philip in Twelve Parts. Around the same time as this documentary was being made, Glass wrote the score for Allen's Cassandra's Dream.

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