Thursday, December 11, 2008

ABC News Australia: Woody Allen at 73

We're not able to embed the video, so you'll have to follow the link found in the post title. The interview itself is vintage Woody Allen, but not special. If you've seen an Allen interview in recent years, this one is a good representative of his most common responses to a series of tired questions.

"I'm not putting down my films...I do have some good films...but..."

"Just work..."

"I am an atheist..."

"...the same lonely, terrified life..."

"Judy Davis is just one of those actresses that has got it..."

"When I was younger and I could get the girl..."

"...there are no perks of age...there is no upside to getting older at all, it's all negative..."

"...I would trade all the wisdom I've gained for, say, 30...35 years wiped off the calendar..."


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome interview. Thanks for the link. I wonder what exactly Allen means when he said, those who are really good will make it if they just do their stuff properly, and those who arent, Dariwn will take care of them. ??
Any thoughts? :)

Good Small Films said...

Sorry for the delay in responding, the holidays have me behind in areas like blogging. Thanks for your compliment in the other thread...

To answer your question, I thought he was simply making a survival of the fittest reference. That is, those who can't keep up, die off.

dev said...

Oh thanks a lot for your reply. I did a film meme recently on my blog, and talked a bit about few Allen's films. Perhaps sometime you can do a similar meme writing only about Woody's films.:)