Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woody Allen's 10 Finest?

I demur. Stardust Memories must be included. And Zelig. And Radio Days. And why does everyone slag off on Anything Else? Husbands and Wives gets honorable mention. That's a great movie. Penelope Cruz says her favorite is Deconstructing Harry. It's a headache. You try for a list of 10. Nevertheless, Paste Magazine has put together a good list of Woody Allen's 10 Finest Films. Jeremy Medina also attaches a nice read to the endeavor. Make your way over.

Our most faithful reader sent this information along. Also included in the email was a note that Vicky Cristina Barcelona has surpassed Match Point as Allen's highest grossing film. It will likely become Woody Allen's first 100 million dollar earner. Studio heads take note, Allen can make a buck.

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Herzog said...

You might want to check this four part interview with Woody:

At the end he briefly mentions his plans for this summer... (Paris or U.S?)