Friday, February 13, 2009

Whatever Works: Not Like Mighty Aphrodite

Woody Allen has supplied the Irish Times with an interview. If you've read any Allen interviews in the last decade, you've more or less read this one. Not Allen's fault. The questions are always retread, and Allen, if he's anything, is consistent. The answers are always the same. I suppose most audiences don't spend their leisure hours reading this blog, so what's old to us is new to them. My favorite snippet:

Evan Rachel Wood has said that Whatever Works is closer to Mighty Aphrodite than any other Allen picture.

“She said that? My God! I can’t see any similarity whatsoever between the two movies – not a remote similarity. It’s interesting how a person can see a movie so differently. I remember when my sister saw Hannah and Her Sisters and she thought it was closer to Sleeper than my other movies. I told her she must be crazy, that there was no comparison between the two. Yet she saw some similarity there, although nobody else in the world did. And I don’t think there’s another human on the face of the earth who will find the most remote similarity between Whatever Works and Mighty Aphrodite .”


Anonymous said...

I hope it is as good as mighty aphrodite ;-)

Anonymous said...

this is a slow blog isnt it...