Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pinto on Meeting Woody Allen

The Times of India is running an article with Freida Pinto, which includes the following:

How has the interaction with Woody Allen been?

I would describe my meeting with Woody Allen as “different”. He’s a shy and reticent director but one with a beautiful vision. It will be a dream-come-true since I was a literature student and I studied Woody Allen’s plays back in college.

Which is your favourite Woody Allen film?


A lot is being said about how your casting in a Woody Allen film might pave the way for a change in the way Indian actors are offered roles of cabbies and doctors in Hollywood films. Do you agree?

I hope it does as it isn’t good to be typecast and globalization of films is an emerging trend. Also, crossover films are being made in a bigger way, thereby creating many more opportunities for our talent.

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