Friday, April 3, 2009

Whatever Works: Reaction and Teaser

Mali Elfman, third verse same as the first. She writes:

This is what Woody Allen is best at, writing and making movies about himself. Putting his words and thoughts into other peoples mouths. Every character in some way shape or form show us how Allen feels about the world. He may be a “genius” (which he references many times in the film) but he’s always best when he leaves it simple and funny.

I was laughing out loud at a number of the witty lines, which I can’t even re-write because they would never read as well as they sound. Although my favorite part was not the laughs but when the “ohhhhh’s” that people uttered at come of his more pointed jokes.

Overall, it was a fun ride! Can’t wait until I can review it!

And she leaves us with this grainy trailer:

Yes, Woody Watchers, I've noted the limp.

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tails of manhattan goes persian. you can see the translation here: