Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Session

The Mid-Century Modernist looks at the set of Sleeper: "An amusing bit of trivia from Sleeper’s IMDB page: after the movie was released in one country outside the USA as “Woody and the Robots”, Woody Allen inserted a clause in all of his subsequent contracts that his movies’ titles could not be changed by other parties."

The Pauling Blog offers up some fun Annie Hall trivia: "I said that I couldn’t decide without seeing the script. And her reply was that the script had not been written for this part of the movie and would not be unless I agreed to come. I said that I liked Woody Allen, but felt that I should not do this job. The shooting will go on through the end of July and the first week in August."

Buzzgrinder gives it up: "I believe, with all of my opinionated vigor, that Woody Allen belongs on the extremely short list of Great American Auteurs. I’m not talking about a list that includes names like Romero, Spielberg and George Lucas — more about the likes of Orson Welles, Martin Scorsese and maybe Robert Altman on a good day."

Weekend Update:
Defense Debates and Gonzo About Style like Scoop. So that's three positive Scoop reviews in one weekend, counting the aforementioned Buzzgrinder piece. Weird times.

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