Monday, October 20, 2008

More on Kites

Anurag Basu talks about Kites in promotion of the movie some have claimed is based on Match Point. Well, don't hate us for being dubious from the little we know about the film. We learned last week that it's a bit of a jet setter, with filming having wrapped in several countries. In the new Basu interview we learn that the film relies on action rather than dialogue. "Based on Match Point" might simply be a promote by association gimmick, especially considering the film will court an English-speaking audience. Beyond the plot line of a man torn between his wife and mistress we see little resemblance to the original. And Match Point is hardly unique so far as that basic tension is concerned. But we'll withhold judgement until we see the finished product or hear Match Point disavowals from the Kites camp. Sometimes inspiration goes in gloriously unexpected directions.

Basu was awarded best director for his film Life in a...Metro by the International Indian Film Academy in June of this year.

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