Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oscar Press Photo

In advance of the Oscars, Vanity Fair is running a Penelope Cruz/Woody Allen photo that is easy on the eyes.

Cruz has been in the press lately, exchanging platitudes and pleasantries with the chattering class. We've not linked to many of her VCB-related interviews because they're mostly trivial. No offense to her, but you can only do so much with same inane questions. And although we're trying to keep up with the award march, we take the entire season with a grain of salt. It means something and it doesn't. Rightly understood, it's more of a marketing expo than an ascription of prestige.

Nevertheless, Cruz is very positive about her experience with Allen. We suspect that this is not their last project together.

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Herzog said...

You might want to know the U.S release date for Whatever Works: June 19 2009

And let's hope Penélope wins...