Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paris, 2009: Not so fast

In a previous post, we had alerted readers to Woody Allen's Summer Project 2009. That project was supposed to be shot in Paris, and at a budget in the low to mid 20s. But for various reasons, the Paris project has been pushed back until Autumn 2010. It's a long time coming, and we hope Woody Allen can sustain his youthful vigor long enough to see the project through.

In the meantime, Woody Allen will shoot his next film this Spring/Summer in NYC. The budget for that film should also be in the 20s, which is small fortune relative to his career standards. This marks the second time in recent years that the director will have a long lay off between films. During his last layoff, he tried his hand at opera and a tour with his jazz band. Hopefully, he'll find a fun project to fill his time in between his NYC and Paris shoots, whether a stage production, film production, or a run of New Yorker shorts. Or, maybe another novel.

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