Monday, March 30, 2009

Those Who Openly Campaign

Woody Allen fans often speculate whom they'd like to see casted into upcoming projects. When we first heard of his forthcoming Paris project (tentatively scheduled for production in 2010) thoughts of Juliette Binoche, Irene Jacobs, Audrey Tautou and Julie Delphy immediately came to mind. And, of course, the sentimentalist in our head ran toward Jean-Pierre Leaud, but we're not sure if he speaks English. Oh, and please let Slawomir Idziak direct photography. Please, please.

But then the devil on the other shoulder says "no, no, no." "Woody Allen needs a new ensemble. To hell with all this turnover." The devil quiets the fanboy. But those thoughts are just the impulses of a film lover. They pass quickly and give rise to saner moments.

Nevertheless, it would be fun to put together a list of actors whom have openly campaigned to be cast into an Allen film, but, for whatever reason, have yet to appear. A few months ago, for example, Kevin Spacey said in an interview that he was waiting by the phone in hopes of a call from Woody Allen. It was said in jest, but seemed sincere. Today's New York Post--gasp and snarl, we know--quotes a young French actress named Nora Arnezeder saying it's her dream to appear in a Woody Allen film.

Woody Allen is in the winter years of life, and maybe the increasing terrors of death will take his prodigious productivity to new levels. But that's unlikely. Production will probably diminish between now and dying. Time and all of its sickening crimes seems set against him, and just when everyone is beginning to love him like they used to. Life is cruel. Still we'd rather he burn out in an inferno of production--a late life victory lap of collaboration--than slowly fade from view. There are lots of indicators that he'll have his pick of the best of cast and crew from this point forward.

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FrF said...

"Woody Allen is in the winter years of life [...] increasing terrors of death [...] Time and all of its sickening crimes seems set against him [...] Life is cruel."

Ok, then let's get together and do something about the "terrors of death":

But otherwise there are good indications that Woody has had luck in the "DNA lotto" and has quite some healthy and happy years (and films!) ahead of him. I wouldn't be surprised if he continued his current schedule for at least another decade.

(BTW: Thanks for your blog!)