Saturday, April 4, 2009

On Woody Allen in NYC

Patricia Clarkson offers this perspective on the difference between shooting a Woody Allen film abroad vs. at home in NYC:
"It was so nice to be shooting with Woody Allen in New York. It was divine," said Clarkson, who introduced "Whatever Works" to the ShoWest crowd. "There were a couple of days I walked to work. It was beautiful.

"He was definitely on his own turf," Clarkson said. "When we were shooting in Barcelona, it was like shooting with Mick Jagger. I mean, the streets were lined wherever we went for Scarlett and for Woody. It was like they were rock stars. In New York, the crowds gather, but I think because it's Woody, they're actually respectful of him."


Anonymous said...

I wish you would please draw attention to this awful trial coming up next month - Woody is suing American Apparel for $10 million for using his image in a billboard ad - they pulled it down a week later and apparently apologized but the point is that they didn't have his permission.

Woody's lived a quiet life with his wife and children yet in their defense, they remind the public of a long-ago "scandal" - the very "scandal" they claim makes him immune to reputational harm (e.g., that he has already so damaged his own reputation that their actions can't be deemed to be harmful).

I find this repugnant - and this man, the leader of this company is a real creep, the kind of guy who is accused of sexual harrassment and in fact apparently allegedly masturbated in front of a reporter.

So, when Woody says he did not wish to be identified with this company, I think people can understand why - the guy who runs the company is a creep - yet, to defend themselves, they bring up something long forgotten which in fact itself harms Woody...

I ask each and every one of you - please Google "Woody Allen" and look for news stories about this case - and if there is an opportunity to provide feedback, please say something - the public needs to know the truth here.

I've tried to respond to a few news stories but I can't respond to all of them, and there is power in numbers - so if you care about Woody's reputation, please think about writing something in response to the stories about this case.

I suspect that the company will cave and settle with Woody before the trail in New York Federal Court May 18th, but I for one would like to see public sympathy on Woody's side on this.

We are dealing here with an American icon who leads a quiet life in New York and pleases millions with his films - versus a man who thinks it's okay to use his image without permission and then when sued harms him further. It's not right.

Anonymous said...

Now, they start to back-track realizing that harming Woody further only increases, not decreases damages. Check out this "leaked" memo clearly designed to be reported by the media (it hasn't been) in the hope of reshaping public outrage:

The Kid In The Front Row said...

It's just great to see Woody back in NY again. Now all we need is to get him back on the screen. It saddens me to think we might never see his comedic acting brilliance on screen again.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog dead???